3 Business Card Tips You Should Never Neglect

3 Business Cards Tips to further help you

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Even in this age of technological advancement, business owners are still looking for a web to print solutions provider that can help you get your business cards printed on paper.

Why, you might ask? Simply because they know just how huge of an impact a professional printed business card can make to the success of their business.

While having a business card in itself is already a powerful tool, allow me to share with you 3 tips that can use to make your business card even more effective.

Here goes:

Make sure that your card is writable.

It’s quite common for people to have the need to write on a business card. It could be because they want to add some more information about you, or perhaps an appointment that you’ve just agreed upon with them.

If your card isn’t writable, chances are good that you’ll annoy your prospect when they’ll feel the need to write on it. Make sure when you order your cards, choose a dull/matte finish instead of a glossy UV finish.

Don’t leave the backside of your card empty.

The back side of your card is a prime real estate that you really ought to take advantage of. You can add your company logo, promotions, a slogan, benefits, even coupons (among many others).

Whatever you do, don’t waste that huge real estate by leaving it blank. Design something custom so that you are able to promote your business.

No photo.

Having a photo makes your business card more memorable.

Can you imagine having 100 business cards without names? You’ll have a hard time figuring out who’s who. But if the card has photos on them, it’ll be a lot easier to remember who owns the name.

Think about what kind of an impact you’ll make if out of 100 business card, you’re one of the very few who has photos on it. That puts you ahead of others right?

If you consider these tips when having your business cards crafted, chances are good that you’ll get better results so don’t neglect them.

We host business card designs for companies who are in need of business card hosting. We make it easy for your employees or independent distributors to individually order their company-approved business cards that YOU approve.

If you’re in need of a web to print solutions to get your business card printed for your network marketing company or small business, you can contact us here and we’ll get to it asap!

Tank Prints is your #1 source for network marketing business cards.

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